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COMMENTS (recent 15 of 62 total comments)
07 01 2013, 23:36
How long this nice web setup? i like it so much, i will visit it time to time, thanks a lot!

Mary rose E. Selpo
06 05 2013, 06:22
your very beautiful

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11 15 2012, 11:33
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12 14 2011, 04:10
i think ..... they are so cute together but i dont belive that zac efron is guy

03 12 2011, 04:40
hi this is Nikki i am a big fan of zac n veneesa i really love them a lot they look sooooo cuteeee to gether i really wish they get married they r like a perfect couple to me i really dont understand why some people dnt like them i guess because they r jealous but they r the best i love u both

01 23 2011, 14:13
vanessa&zac u 2 look kute together.nd vanesssa ur not a S.....L.....U...T

somya efron
01 05 2011, 03:08
I hope u both of them fine together. u r awasome together. and do great job. keep it up guys for ever. i wish i were venessa b'coz i want be with zac efron.

01 01 2011, 12:37
you guys are you cute together i hope dont break up

10 21 2010, 11:00

10 09 2010, 14:24
hey i like zac but why did vanessa put those discusting pictures of her naked nobody wants to see ur body vanessa

09 19 2010, 12:21
i love you guys youre so cute together

09 17 2010, 00:56
hi vanessa i am from iran and love are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen

08 27 2010, 04:30
hi zac & vanessa im from iran i lov all of u & i lov zac verry much beacose hi is very very beaty. i miss u.

arya memarian
06 05 2010, 01:03
Im arya i live in tehran . miclesh janica i hate you . i love you zac efron and anne hudgens and corbin blue

04 11 2010, 07:47
hope that you guys will make a happy couples and cute kids like you.

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