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COMMENTS (recent 15 of 32 total comments)
08 11 2012, 17:07
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03 02 2012, 21:45
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Allen Dawson
02 10 2012, 01:16
Joseph Dawson is related to me. He's on me mum's side of the Dawson's side family. He died on titanic. So bloody sad

11 17 2011, 17:14
I loved the titanic but it was sad when it sank and guys I know how you felt I love the titanic

roderick landers
04 06 2011, 13:21
my name is roderick landers and i would like to say i love this movie

03 19 2011, 07:55
i love the titanic and when i heard the story a tear went down my face and i know so much of the titanic i lov e titanic

02 20 2011, 21:45
i wish titanic was still alive so sad stupid icebergs falt and i really really wish titanic is a good place right now and all the people down and i wish i had a necales the heart of the ocean titanic is a dream a good dream

01 30 2011, 16:57
i luv titanic movie its so sad but so amazing

justin bieber
12 30 2010, 13:47
i am a huge fan of titanic i no so much about titanic.titanic had a twin sister carpathia.titanic sunk 1912 and carpathia sunk 1916

10 22 2010, 07:02
i love the story of the titanic

09 24 2010, 17:37
So sald

09 24 2010, 02:29
titanic is one of the meaning of love

09 08 2010, 03:42
I hate you.You are MAD.You are crazy.You are body like you if any people like you it is mad and dafer also because you are failer and soon fired you die.You are Keminey.I hate you so much your face look like donkey.

Luv ya
08 20 2010, 01:57
WE all love Titanic

06 17 2010, 02:19
i love the titanic, it is probably my fave movie! even tho i cry every time i watch it i still love it, it is the most beautiful story that i hav eva heard but it's probably the saddest 2 the saddest prt is at the end when they get onto the floating thing and rose is the only 1 that survives. luv it

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