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COMMENTS (7 total comments)
08 11 2012, 16:20
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Vivian Lim
05 02 2011, 04:17
Thanks Sanctus Real for blessing me with such a powerful song - Lead Me. Every Mum and Dad and husband and wife should listen to this song. Thanks I needed to be reminded that we need God to lead us to create a happy home

Sharon Mielke
07 31 2010, 16:52
Heard this for the first time today. I was so blessed to hear men singing this and these poweful words. Someone is finally getting it, and I pray that this song will touch many hearts. Thanks!

Dana Brisby
07 22 2010, 15:41
Lead Me is the song that I hear on the radio that makes me pull off the side of the road and cry. My husband is absolutely wonderful yet I find myself tearing up every time I hear this song. Sanctus Real did awesome on this one! Thanks!

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