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01 13 2011, 02:46
Playalitical s Pipe Dreams album is the best album he ever dropped. Not Code Green. Dont get me wrong Code Green was good but it cant touch Pipe Dreams.

01 04 2011, 17:36
Playalitical is one of my all time fav artists. My fav album he produced is Bizzy Bone the Midwest Cowboy album. But my fav solo album from him is Code Green. Playalitical is an all around good producer and rapper like Kanye West.

Casandra Bacondi
12 29 2010, 02:28
Playalitical is a chick magnet lol. I seen him at an in-store in NY all the girls just flocked around him. But he gave me his number haha! I love playalitical i really do.

12 19 2010, 15:07
omg playalitical is so freggin hott i love him!!!!

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