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07 19 2012, 14:20
:) and with doing what I was wanting you to there is a certain way it has to be done. Many guys mess up on that because they don't know how to do it right. So you have 2 whole years to get it right and think about it ;)

07 19 2012, 14:15
Oooh :) cuddleing n holding ur bbs :) kissing ur neck

C. H. Celestia
01 20 2012, 17:45
Wow really good song; sounds like it's ME SINGING that song totally expresses my feelings I should really sing that song to Justin about Ben! I SOOO LIVE ORIANTHI AND HER MUSIC! And she could compete with Alex Culang at the guitar, which is SAYING SOMETHING

08 13 2010, 03:47
@Abdulhakeem: thank you sooo much!

06 08 2010, 19:17
Orianthi is the most talented female guitarist of all time, believe me it's true.

04 28 2010, 03:53
All of you: thanks you sooooooo much!!! i L.O.V.E all of you too please look forward for my new songs and concerts ;)

04 21 2010, 08:46
she is AWESOME!!!!!

Musicalme 13
04 03 2010, 18:15
Orianthi is so talented! Her song According to you gets stuck in my head, and I just sing along!

03 16 2010, 05:20
I love Orianthi..

02 21 2010, 07:54
orianthi is my favorite girl guitarist she is my idol keep up the good work

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