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free bible study....
09 17 2012, 04:48
to get free bible study open google and type jw . org

07 23 2012, 02:15
Okay :) you are prolly a good kisser. You must really like your friends lol in a freindly way I mean. Talk to you later :) now I have to figure out what to do al day today :( I will figure it out. Xxxx Love you Romeo ;)

Aaron h 16.5.1996
07 23 2012, 02:03
Iv never used tung + im sleeping at my mates tonight so il be on late tomorow , bye princess

Carolina Curbelo
07 29 2010, 05:37
Very Bad Voice And you are Bad mad thin min fin gin bin nin gin

Carolina Curbelo
03 16 2009, 18:52
I love his voice!!!!!!!!!is awsome and when he sing touch my heart.

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