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09 22 2012, 16:51
wow.tat a lil extreme doe.

Robin hood
09 22 2012, 16:38
Icee u ever bin stabed in the bk i have and she hurt me and laughed she hates me so much , iv got no body

ice cream
09 12 2012, 08:41
:0 shocker:0

09 12 2012, 06:28
We could still be friends.....its going to be okay. I told you when we first met we should wait...and why would you hang yourself?? I thaoght you wanted to come over here..

09 11 2012, 23:29
My life . My real sister killed 17 years ago , abandoned by my real pearents wen i wa born :( why do i always lose people i love , il just myself from an oak tree

09 08 2012, 14:32
Princess were are u i miss u

08 31 2012, 13:44
Pink nickers and a pink half bra :)

08 31 2012, 13:38
:D id probably come every where :) + wat u gona wear under ur dress ??? :) love you lots

08 25 2012, 17:05
You kind of sound like a jerk right now Joe, why would I want to give my Virginity to a stranger? I want to give it to my true love, not some one night stand....sorry.

08 25 2012, 15:14
Hey mee mee i want to be more than friends i want to u n take ur verginity meet me somewhere

08 04 2012, 15:25
Nooo dont leave me :(

08 01 2012, 00:04
Okay?? I umm already had my vacation last winter to Disney World. And I think we are doing it again, that is the only reason we didnt do anything this summer. We spent two weeks in Florida, and that is a very expensive trip not including the Disney World P.a.s.s.e.s I am not poor :) thanks

07 31 2012, 23:44
i hate you fuc.kin!I ain't talking to you!Your such appor girl!!You don't do anything for summer!Your summer fuc.kin sucks looser!My summer has been grate!I did everything you can think of!

07 31 2012, 17:31
Sorry, I felt like I should tell you. Please don't be mad at me, I know me and him would never date. I Love You... I am soo sorry... :'(

07 31 2012, 17:30
Aww same here. :) I have spent my whole summer trying to get over a crush ive had for about 2 years now because he is going back to public school and I finally get over him..and geuss who I seen today. Him :( all tanned up and looking so good... One look and I am back where I started..

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