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COMMENTS (recent 15 of 64 total comments)
08 24 2012, 23:26
I hope you have a great day today Aaron :) xxx are you staying home today, or do you have plans? I just watched The wasnt very funny, but it was touching none the less. Anyways I love the qoute at the end. Have you watched the Lorax? My friend made me a mustash like him and I wore it :)

08 24 2012, 22:05
It was ok , since u bhaved i wil stroke u down there :)

08 24 2012, 18:12
i think its cool that you played in some of the shows i know

10 21 2010, 10:57

10 16 2010, 12:22
i think you are so amazing i want to know how you are so good at acting l adore you so much if i ever met you i would probably just want your autograph and a picture and just to see your smile i'll be good

08 14 2010, 05:11
hey mitchel howz things in hollywood and howz emily well i jst wnt 2 say that iluv u'r singing and u r totally cute, how old r u? maybe if u email me we can chat daily oh i forgot 2 tell u da most important thing of all i come 2 hollywood all da tym maybe we could hang out if its okay with emily lol

06 09 2010, 21:42
U r soooooo sexxyyy best singer in the world luv ur new tattoos

payton baucom
05 26 2010, 07:45
hey mitchel!! i love your songs and your videos!! your my favorite singer in the world!!lol, i love you and you are hot and sexy!!

04 24 2010, 18:36
Love You Mitchel

04 18 2010, 18:13
i love you soo much nd dnt want nothin tohappen with you nd lilly a.k.a emliy

angelica taylor
03 31 2010, 20:03
MITCHEL MUSSO is a angel from heaven!!!!!!!!!

03 29 2010, 16:24
hey dude whats up? ( i luv ur music sound ) ( i luv u basicly i guess lol ) well, i just am rly bored and hi. rofl. i just wanted to say hi do :D hi. lol. LATER DUDE!

03 24 2010, 12:31
mitchel u r 1 of da finest dudes i ever seen!!! i wish i could meet u. if i do, i will prolly be SO starstruck.....i love you xoxoxoxoxoxo

03 09 2010, 18:28
i love mitchel musso so so much he is so so HOTTTTT

Halo 1 2 3
03 07 2010, 10:12
i love y and wish you could be my boyfriend! and i love Halo two! (:

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