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COMMENTS (recent 15 of 31 total comments)
04 19 2012, 15:02
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03 06 2012, 10:10
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02 06 2012, 02:04
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Shem Adah
10 15 2011, 10:39
The poewr of God accompanied with your ministration always set me on fire for God. God bless you real good

08 18 2011, 14:15
Your songs are inspiring.pls use it to glorify God.

04 13 2011, 09:51
man krik your a good person gods got a lot of blesings for u i just know

03 21 2011, 07:45
Hi Krik ur songs are of great inspiration to me,especially the one titled DNT CRY.i loved the dance concept which was further used to send across the msg.i pray dat the grace and anointing of God be multiplied unto u as well as grace for more inspirational songs that will bring life 2 d lifeless.

02 23 2011, 15:18
krik i love ur songs God bless u.may God with u in his more and more presence.

02 04 2011, 09:32
i am just 14years old and i pray to see my role model on a good day. Your songs speak to me about God's plan for my me on +2348036765777

10 22 2010, 16:14
love you kirk, and i will feature you one of those good days. i pray you live to expiriance that.

07 08 2010, 14:29
kirk you are so great and i like your song especially lean on me.

Becky Artrip
06 02 2010, 11:41
Hey Kirk, first, thank you so much for having a servants heart and tending to Jesus sheep-the broken hearted,down troddened,and hopeless.The Lord has blessed you with a super-natural and devine annointing for putting His truth to music.May god continue to shine His face upon you and show you favor.

03 25 2010, 08:30
God bless you Mr Franklin, your music is a food to my soul and my favorite is My life,my love,my all..keep on blessing us.

Corinne Ndah
02 13 2010, 15:57
Hi Kirk! I love your music with all my heart. your song imagine me is my favorite! thank u

01 11 2010, 06:57
ooohh kirk please let me be you buddy please i am cherif in BURUNDI and me also I LOVE JESUS and a live your songs with my family please and please send a smol message to me please we love you

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