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COMMENTS (recent 15 of 45 total comments)
10 14 2012, 21:01
mee mee and icee ribbon tell me where you live?

Evelyn Jeanne Shaw
10 13 2012, 12:18
I accidentally deleted my joomla files from server? How to install it and have it as it was?

icee ribbon
09 19 2012, 17:19
idk you made me cry and thought the faker waz me ,mee mee aaron was mean to mean me he made me cry cause he thought the faker was me :'(

09 18 2012, 16:33
Send Cee Cee Love a friend request on facebook and icee I think you like him but you are to scared to take a risk for the fear of getting hurt, just follow your heart and you will know....

icee ribbon:D
09 18 2012, 16:32
why do you wish you were robot its me icee ribbon i just added a simley face

09 18 2012, 16:23
Sigh i wish i was a robot or dint exist then i wudnt feal the pain of a lonley broken torn up heart

09 15 2012, 14:07
Dump me then but i promise u wil never c or hear from me again N il be 6ft under the ground

09 15 2012, 14:00
I just want to have a real relationship, is that to much to ask?? Why can't we just be friends?? You are acting like a big baby....please just suck it up and go have sex with someone.

09 08 2012, 11:30
Hey princess talk to me plz

09 01 2012, 09:53
Nothing :) just laying in the bed hungry...I hate how we can only post one comment a day. X( People keep asking me out, but I can't say anything because it says I can't post another comment.. And I posted yesterday, not today. Stupid thing.

09 01 2012, 09:49
Hi princess wuu2 ???

08 25 2012, 11:07
Lol why woundnt I give you permission.. Nothing sounds better to me than your warm toung licking my tight pulsing flesh. ;) xxxxx

08 25 2012, 10:44
Im bk n only if u gave me permition :)

icee ribbon
08 22 2012, 17:31
and he went to jail for ten years he sent a letter to me and my sister she has responded to him but i cant he hurt me and i dont know if i can trust him i feel like i can trust you though

08 11 2012, 13:45
Have fun Molly :) Xxx I'll miss you to :)

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