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COMMENTS (9 total comments)
07 19 2013, 16:50
I ABSOLUTELY LUUUVVV you & ur songs!!! Actually.... Im typing this while listening to one of ur CDs :) Looking forward to the day i get to see u in concert. I'd stand in line for hours to get ur signiture on a poster!! LUV U!!

02 01 2012, 13:52
Hey francesca I love your songs Iwish you would be at winter jam again I saw you with Brandon Heath so I love you.

12 19 2011, 21:04
I LOVE your songs Francesca! I listen to your songs all the time! My favorite one is I'm Letting Go! You're my absolute favorite singer!!!

11 01 2011, 13:11

04 01 2011, 19:00
I LOVE your new album and my favorite song is This is The Stuff! I love listening to your songs on my radio! I hope some day I could sing as goodd as you!!!

Emilye Chick
03 14 2011, 19:52
I LOVE!!!! your songs, I wish I could sing as good as you!!!

02 03 2011, 11:20
i love your music, i listen to Klove all the time, you are one of my favorite artist, i love your song My Paper Heart! thank you for praising God and helping others praise him too!:)

01 26 2011, 11:07
I love your music it helps me through all my ruff spots and i know GOd is ALWAYS going to be here with me!!! Sooo...ThankYou for your music and knowing god has a plan for EVERYONE!!! ThankYou and GOD Bless!!!

nati ali
05 10 2010, 03:35
i love your song's but way don'tyou come to ETHIOPIA pleas think about it i have your albam MY PEPER HART 10Q

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