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Dr. Alban-1
220 X 325
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Dr. Alban-2
456 X 603
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Dr. Alban-3
300 X 200
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Dr. Alban-4
252 X 240
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Dr. Alban-5
250 X 299
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COMMENTS (3 total comments)
10 23 2009, 00:37
hey i am his great fan.i die for his music beat of cash money......its my life

Jyrgalbek Ajimatov. Osh. Kyrgyzstan
10 07 2009, 06:07
alban is my doctor indeed! I love all Alban's songs very very much! Dr alban is my life, more than my life! lone live Dr Alban! all my friends, relatives know that i live with alban's songs since 1993-94s. i heard such a piece of news that Dr alban is coming to my country Kyrgyzstan, is it true?!!!

06 19 2009, 12:54
hej you cool pic

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