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kiora maria osborne
06 25 2012, 18:11
diggy you are so cute and sexy and hot.

05 30 2012, 14:28

lil mama
04 23 2012, 14:02
second girl just up he got a girl friend he just wont his fans to be his friends

04 07 2012, 12:23

03 08 2012, 16:32
yall girls need to back that up and rotate cuz diggy is all mine the whole package me and him are gonna be on magazine covers as the cutest couple in hollywood!!!

Diggy Simmons Crazyiest Fan
02 18 2012, 20:15
Hi my name is Isyss n everyday all I think about Diggy it is my dream to meet him I ever saw him I would fant but I don't wonna do that to him because already have to handle all the fans at his concert so would just act normal around him even tough I am cray about him

older men dating younger women
01 15 2012, 14:03
The excellent and duly answer.

Jay'Da-Jus REAL
01 07 2012, 16:00
MAN yall NOT rite 4 him,n yall beenning sooo Omg datz mii bby n i love him im has wifey n im like its okay 2 be like oh i love him n i love his songs n he rock like datz gud but al dat extra stuff is not need but datz yal n datz how yal feel so ya have a nice day 143 smiley wit a wek-Jay'Da Jus REAL

12 16 2011, 18:48

12 16 2011, 17:20
ever time i look at your phoyoes and songs i cry

Iyanla Washington
11 26 2011, 14:49
Um I really like Diggy he is so cute. I am crazy over him but no that crazy lol

the real mrs simmons
11 10 2011, 13:07
im your future wife and not only are you sexy you are my idol smart cute and funny-the real mrs simmons

11 03 2011, 13:01
wat i meant to say was and i luv ur song copy paste and like em all with jacob latimore luv u diggy we gettin married 1 day

11 02 2011, 12:06
Diggy i luv ur smile.U got a nice body and ur song copy paste and like em all wit jacob latimore.

diggys wife
10 12 2011, 19:34
diggy is sexy fo realz so every one sit on yo friend thing and rotate

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