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COMMENTS (13 total comments)
06 20 2012, 06:52
if you want free bible study feel free and open WWW watchtower . org and get online study or you can send your address to get bible study or send as post at australia box280 ingleburn nsw 1890.

Lethiwe sithole in S.A. Durban
11 03 2011, 02:19
nice one i mst say u r indeed a worshiper walk in GOD's wil always he wil richly bless u as lond as u serve only him nd worship him as he leads u, dnt resist hm allow hm to do hs wil in u,u wil b pleasing 2 hm,James 4:6-8,hv a blessed day

10 25 2011, 18:23
your music helps me get though the day. God helps me too but you help me know he is real and he dose love us. sometimes i think he dosent like me because of some of the things that have happened in my life. i know how much he dose infax love me and every creater he has made

sarah steven
01 03 2011, 08:26
chris i love ur songs they minster to me alot and i pary may God continues to increas you spiritualy.pray with me chris i'm going through a chaleng and some times if fills like i cant make it, but i belive Gods word that says we are more than conquerors. God bless you. i'm one of your BIGEST FANS

Me in Maine
10 22 2010, 07:54
FANOMINAL, when are you coming to Maine?

03 17 2010, 23:54
Lord really is using you in these last days that were here on earth your in my prayers. your one of the best worship leader continue to let the lord use you

02 17 2010, 03:10
you are an inspiration. God bless you big

12 09 2009, 07:08
continue singing unto the Lord and inspiring other people thru your great and amazing musics...God bless Chris!

11 29 2009, 14:09
Amazing Grace, My chains are gone is a wonderful and inspiring song. I praise God for all He has done and continues to do in your music ministry.

11 07 2009, 09:05
You are the best!!!

05 17 2009, 18:07
Are your pictures on this site copyrighted or may they be used for writing about my favorite artist in school using proper citing of course.

03 10 2009, 09:52
Chris..I am going thru a real tough time right now and I can't tell you just how much your music means to me.Thank you Thank you Thank you...God Bless

Captain Ibro
02 01 2009, 09:36
You Rock!!!

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