Blood On The Dancefloor
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Alexia Allen
02 20 2012, 07:48
I think you guys are really awesome my name is alexia but my friends call me lexie I love your hair and eyes and every thing about you

Julie XD
06 03 2011, 23:16
BOTDF is the BEST!!! They are the hottest guys ever! I adore them!

Botdf Lover
02 27 2011, 19:10
I have the biggest crush on them:)

Beba Lowkz
12 07 2010, 17:23
love ur eyez n ur hair.... y must u look so fine!!!???

10 26 2010, 03:36

10 04 2010, 09:46
ME TOO!!! OMG! They are da bestest eva!!!! I am gonna have a b-day party and I am gonne play their songs all freaken night long, baby! WOOOOOO!! BOTDF IS DA BEST OF THE BEST, DITCHES!

06 11 2010, 13:23
I absolutley adore Blood On The Dance Floor. :D I saw them in concert and they were AMAZING! I even got to hold Jayy's hand!(:

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