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COMMENTS (recent 15 of 27 total comments)
09 18 2011, 07:47
Hey baby i love your songs and your uot feat as poeple always you are an angel

luv=mic u
06 15 2011, 07:00
u luk awesum there Beyonce gal

03 31 2011, 01:59
good pc

03 05 2011, 15:21
I love Beyonce in this picture

12 26 2010, 13:20
all the single ladies ;)

12 22 2010, 18:01
beyonce a wa dis mi a here bout you an trina in a argument bout jz i heard that jz a give you bun cheeze an white milk hes a cheter lef him a dog you are better than this

11 30 2010, 05:00
Seriously speaking this girl is pretty gorgeous and hot. I'v got nothing to say she really blew me away. O ya chisa meaning that she is hot.

08 07 2010, 16:12
Oh my god your a angel from heaven I'm a real fan

latonia martin
07 26 2010, 15:04
i had went to school with you you rember me

diva girl
07 17 2010, 15:49
ok i luv the outfit but will u just go out with jerimah he is cute for u and u are cute to but u should not go out with jay z cause he is to ugly plz request back ok

megan bettis
07 08 2010, 15:46
When I grow up i am going to be just like her one day i am going to sing with her i have that much confidence in myself

07 03 2010, 05:21
you look so hot sounds like DIVA to me now i am only 13 years old so i hope to sing like you now so...

06 09 2010, 03:20
so cute

05 23 2010, 06:29
u looking nice beyonce u looking pretty

05 03 2010, 17:15
hey beyonce i love you and you look ahh-mazin in this pic.

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