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Pic Name: Beyonce-108
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COMMENTS (12 total comments)
mikhaela louisse
05 16 2011, 05:04
hi beyonce your so cute when are you going japan or taiwan because nothing????

im fancy
12 18 2010, 13:38
yo hair is BOGUS you look like a lion

10 20 2010, 11:51
so you to me is like a white women and a black women i hate you i want to fack you and dont come near me or ill eat you. i mean your pretty but i dont like people that arent facking white get it biotch !

08 25 2010, 10:38
lokka my girl but she get plenty hair man

08 22 2010, 18:36
stop the busy hair

08 21 2010, 11:03
yorrrrrrrr nnnnnniiiiiiiicccccccceeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

06 21 2010, 05:41
i luv u hairstyle you can rock any hairstyle in the world. and i would like to meet u B. CarlaMay!

MsBoszii top notch
12 09 2009, 10:16
These females on wood but you look Kute gurl

charlisa alexander
11 06 2009, 14:35
hi girl i love your hairstyle

09 16 2009, 05:37
im a huge fan of beyonce,luv u so much,keep on giving us best quality music girl.i adore you.

Simone Hillam
08 06 2009, 23:49
heyy beyonce i love your hair it is awesome and i am in love with you i think your cool and all of my friends love you so much and we always print photos of you love ya heaps.!!

megane jordin
05 22 2009, 05:48
hi beyonce i love ur hairstyle...

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