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pat smith
11 04 2012, 16:46
adam lambert is a talented singer song writer.every song video he puts so much in to it. one talented person

08 11 2012, 17:12
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pat smith
06 12 2012, 15:07
adam lambert has talent so he is gay so what singer song writer.

04 27 2012, 10:31
GAY PEOPLE MAKE GOD ANGRY!!! I am on God's side and hate the way people have changed themselves to please the world and not HIM. God still loves you but dosn't love the gayness.

aribam bid
03 12 2012, 12:36
adam,no1 sings the high notes better than u do.The fact that u r gay makes the our community proud.

03 02 2012, 23:23
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02 25 2012, 10:00
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02 10 2012, 20:32
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12 30 2011, 20:09
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12 16 2011, 11:44
I admire the fact that Adam admitted his true self at the start of his career. (Rock away) Although, I don't agree with his life style. He is an amazingly talented, sincere individual. Listening in Texas.

Katlin Lambert
12 14 2011, 11:10
i love him he is hot hot hot i am glad we have the same name

Franz Schubert
12 12 2011, 14:52
I love him very......very much....His voice so amazing....He is the one for me!!!!

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08 27 2011, 18:30
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08 23 2011, 04:20
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07 17 2011, 20:15
adam lambert why you so amazing?you should answer that now

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